Canyon Crossing

An overview of Canyon Crossing.

Canyon Crossing is a larger map, with lots of hills and places to sneak around in.

Lets start with the bridge area, there are hills and a ledge that has some respawning points, so crossing the bridge is hard sometimes. Underneath there is two little presents StA-3 LMG and the M224-A3 HSW. On one side of the bridge is a sniper tower, sand bag wall and some ammunition tents. (no ammunition here) Speaking of ammo, most ammo clips are located on the outside of the map, against the mountains. On the opposite side of the bridge is what resembles a barracks compound. Some ammo distributed in there along with the LS13 Shotgun. To the right of that is the main hill/lookout point. You can get right up on top and find a BLR-06 Hadra MRL. Moving on from that is the back-country hill area. There are many trenches the lead around the area. Also there is a isolated command post. It is not well protected so advisement not to hang around to long. Inside is the M327 Grenade Launcher. Following the main road to its end and veering right down a side trench will bring you back to behind the bridge, right beside the ammunition tents. Keeping going straight forward through the next trench you will come out at a sniper spot about 20 meters from the snipers tower.

Video will follow


Canyon Crossing - The Bridge

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