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Cadaver Beetle

Cadaver Beetles are a species of scavenger insect that help to keep the planet Helghan clean of deceased creatures. The beetles feed on the dead and move in quickly to devour any fallen soldier, ISA or Helghast alike. They pose no threat to the living, but do provide a valuable service to the Helghan ecosystem in cleaning up the remains of those that have fallen in combat. Cadaver Beetles seem to be a common sight on Helghan, inhabiting environments ranging from the sewer systems below dense cities, scorching deserts, and even hostile, humid jungles.

In the Kaznan Jungle level of Killzone 3, Cadaver Beetles are seen roaming the jungles in sizable numbers. As opposed to the Cadaver Beetles inhabiting the arid desert mines in Killzone 2, who must be observed for some time before they begin to scavenge, the Cadaver Beetles in the Kaznan Jungle gather to feed on carrion almost immediately after any skirmish is over.

Health 1
Weapons N/A
First Appearance Salamun District: Canal Bank

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