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Killzone: Mercenary
Age -
Race Helghast
Planet Helghan
Status Deceased
Title Bodyguard
Affiliation HGH mini
C.Borischek, or just Boris, was a Helghast heavy trooper and loyal bodyguard to ISA Ambassador Sepp Harkin and his family. Over the five years of guarding the Harkins, he had grown attached to them, had deep respect for Sepp, and thus protected them with his life.

Killzone: MercenaryEdit

When Helghast soldiers attacked the ambassador and his family, Boris held them off with his chaingun. But despite his efforts, both Sepp and his wife Valeria were killed. Before Sepp's death, he made Boris promise that he take his son, Justus, to safety.

Following the death of the Harkins, a mercenary named Arran Danner arrived at the embassy. Danner then assists Boris as the two escort Justus through the embassy. After a large firefight, Boris is mortally wounded by a glancing shot. His final request to Danner was for him to take care of the boy. He is then killed by multiple rockets as you escape.


  • He is voiced by Nathan Constance, who also did voice acting for Titanfall.
  • He has a sense of soldiers honor, as evident by his distastelful comments on the Helghast shooting at women and children. 
  • If you fail to properly cover Boris, he will die, thus causing the player to escort Justus themselves.
    • Alternatively, if Boris survives the fight, he will be killed at the end of the level, while Danner and Justus escape to the docks.
  • He claims to have done a tour on Vekta. This is curious, as he couldn't have served as a body guard for 5 years, and be part of an invasion just 2 years earlier. It is likely that he simply didn't spend 5 consecutive years as a bodyguard.
  • He is the second Helghast traitor to aid the player in game, the first being Sepp. 

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Quotes Edit

Shootin' women and children. Call yourselves soldiers? You aren't fit to wear the uniform!

You the cavalry? You're too damn late.

Killing civilians. That's not soldiering. That's the lowest of the low.

ISA using mercs to do their dirty work. Typical Vektans. Yellow as piss.

Father a Vektan, mother a whore. But the kid has balls, same as his old man.

Fighting alongside a merc. World's gone crazy. Or I have.

I did a tour on Vekta once. Maybe we tried to kill each other back there. Funny, eh merc?

You're lucky I like kids, merc. If he weren't here, I'd kill you.

Boy's not wrong about that doctor. Turned tail at the first sign of trouble. Guess he tried to buy himself some time here. Ask me, there was something shady about that one.

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