Bradley Vaughton
Bradley Vaughton
Age Unknown
Race Vektan
Planet Vekta
Status Deceased
Title General
Affiliation ISA mini

Bradley Vaughton was a General in the Vektan Army who commanded ISA ground forces on Vekta in defense of the Helghast invasion.


He ordered Jan Templar to meet up with Shadow Marshall Luger and Rico in order to complete a mission to rescue Colonel Gregor Hakha. Before Templar went on the rescue mission he retrieved the security key for General Vaughton who then went up to the SD Platform to reactivate the platforms weapon systems. Shortly afterwards, he discovered that the SD Platform was under the control of the Helghast and he was killed by a Helghast trooper on the orders of the traitor General Adams.


Vaughton had respect and trust from his troops due to his professional nature and high moral fiber, most notable of these troops was Jan Templar. Vaughton was a friend of Templar's father Dirk Templar who was an ISA soldier. However, when Dirk Templar was killed during the Extrasolar War, Vaughton felt responsible to look after young Jan Templar who was his godson.

Training him with all the required military skills to exceed his father's potential, Templar matured into a deeply promising soldier, far more intelligent tactically and morally unwavering than other ISA soldiers. This forged a strong father-son bond between the pair illustrated during the events of Killzone where Vaughton entrusted Templar to guide a small unit through Vekta, triggering a famous fight from Templar. Unlike the traitors such as Stuart Adams or Dwight Stratson, and even the loyal but morally dubious Alex Grey, Vaughton showed no moral failings and likely would've continued to serve as one of Vekta's greatest generals, if he had not been killed.

Trivia Edit

  • Vaughton bears a striking resemblance to Supreme Allied Commander Dwight D. Eisenhower.