Bounty Hunter

Bounty hunters are usually found in the employ of the Helghast Army, although they don't necessarily hail from Helghan. Fearless trackers who will stoop to any level to capture their targets, bounty hunters don't care to question the motivations behind an assignment - as long as the client agrees to their exorbitant fees. Weaponry and working methods vary from hunter to hunter; some prefer the laser-guided precision of a BDL-23 Dohvat, while others swear by the brute strength of pneumatic manipulator arms.

In Killzone the Bounty Hunter is only confronted once in the whole game, during the final part of level 7, Hunting the Traitor. The Bounty Hunter is found by the Beacon where General Stuart Adams was thought to be arriving at. As the player makes his way towards the Beacon, artillery fire begins to rain down upon them and Gregor Hakha states it is very accurate and must be laser designated. The Bounty Hunter is targeting the team with the BDL-23 Dohvat Laser Designator from atop the hill and continues to rain artillery fire down upon the team as they make their way closer to the Beacon.

When confronted up close, the Bounty Hunter will switch to a pistol, to save blowing him self up with his own attack. The Bounty Hunter is about as tough as an Assault Soldier. In the next level, the team take his helmet and use the Designator to wipe out the Helghast Tanks and clear a path to the Jungle.

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