Blood Meridian is the second mission in Killzone 2's campaign. It is the first mission you encounter Captain Narville, as well as the fist you fight a Heavy. In this, Sev and Garza separate from Rico and Natko to take out an Arc Tower, which is holding the ISA
reinforcements back. You also fight a Heavy in this mission.


Continuing from the last mission, Alpha Squad is moving onward to assist Captain Narville in Visari Square. Although as they land, they just narrowly escape getting zapped out of the sky by a mobile Arc Tower, which they had no knowledge of existing. They finally land and frantically get to cover, before finding Narville. He assigns Sev and Garza to fight their way to the Arc Tower to destroy it, while Rico and Natko stay behind to assist him.

Sev and Garza blast their way first by laying a D-charge on a wall, and press onward. Along their way, they find heavy resistance by Helghast troops, which slows them down, but doesn't hold them back. Later, they encounter a Heavy trooper, as well as a squad who has taken heavy casualties trying to take it down. Sev manages to kill it though by shooting in the head and then igniting the fuel tanks on its back. As they press on, Narville, informs them over a channel that more ISA troops will be arriving and they need to destroy the arc towers before they land.

Sev and Garza finally make it to the arc tower control center, and get assistance from a nearby squad. After taking down the nearby Helghast forces, they destroy the towers by opening the fuel cells and shooting them down. Although a piece of the fuel source falls and Garza curiously inspects it. This is cut short though when an ATAC unit spots them and begins shooting them down. The two manage to run from the line of fire and barracade themselves into a nearby building, safe from harm. This mission continues into Visari Square.

Intel and SymbolsEdit

Intel LocationsEdit

  1. Look for intel just behind wooden planks just as you enter the building where you lay the D-charge.
  2. By an elevator in Verudan Alley, Intel is located in a niche to the right.
  3. Before you head up the stairs to the Cableway Rooftops look at the corner near the base for Intel.

Symbol LocationsEdit

  1. Near a damaged Tank just as you land in the beginning, there will be a symbol to a niche to the left.
  2. While approaching Dakurol Alley, look just past to Helghasts posters for this symbol. Be sure to look high up.
  3. Inside a building in Wollans View, there will be a symbol on the top floor of one, just left of a turret.
  4. Hidden behind a chain link fence is a hidden Helghast symbol, it is inside the first building on top of the ramp in Verudan Alley.
  5. On the way to the Cableway Rooftops, look above the doorways you just exited. Don't let this one fool you!


  • This is the first level a Heavy is fought. It appears for 3 other levels.
  • A Killzone 2 multiplayer map is based off this level entitled: Blood Gracht.

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