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"All is fair in this business. Because our business is war."
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Killzone: Mercenary
Age -
Race Human
Planet -
Status Alive
Title Arms Dealer
Affiliation BlackjackArmories

Blackjack is an underground arms dealer who supplies several different organizations with high-end weaponry.

Early Life Edit

Blackjack was born on one of the outer colonies settled by migrants from the Eastern European region in the late 2200s. As a teenager, Blackjack was profiled as "a bright but rebellious child, with a precocious talent for technology". Overtime, the alias "Blackjack" became associated with criminal gangs.

In his early years, Blackjack was infamous for launching several cyber attacks against Earth authorities. During the conflict between Earth and the middle colonies, Blackjack began to build up a system of connections between his fellow arms dealers. Eventually, Blackjack had gone from small-scale weapons dealer, to supplier of advanced weaponry.

Killzone: MercenaryEdit

During the invasion on Southern Vekta, Blackjack served as an underground weapons dealer for several mercenary organizations, primarily the Phantom Talon Corp. Arran Danner, one of Phantom's mercenaries, was said to be Blackjack's favorite client. Danner would frequently request Blackjack's arsenal during his service in Phantom.

Blackjack eventually went under the ISA's radar after assisting Danner, following his "defection to the Helghast". Blackjack aided Danner in his final missions, citing that his death and the virus' use would be "bad for business". Hacking into his comms he provided extra intel to help ensure his survival, and helped him double cross Vyktor Kratek, who planned on killing Danner as soon as his usefulness ran out. Following Danner's victory Blackjack remotely took control of Kratek's Overlord evacing Danner and Justus from the crashing research facility. He advised Danner to destroy Doctor Savic's virus.

In the end Blackjack showed that his true motive was, as always, profit. The death of Admiral Grey, Col. Kratek, and the destruction of the virus guaranteed that there would be no immediate end to the war. Following the destruction of Pyrrhus by a nuclear warhead, Blackjack immediately began to profit, selling anti-raditation drugs he had 'conveniently' stockpiled among other things. Afterwards Blackjack used his expertise and resources to keep the now fugitive Danner and Justus under the ISA and Helghast radar.


Blackjack is an arms dealer with a russian accent and a likeable personality. He is unscrupulous enough to blatantly arm both sides of a conflict, but he does have a moral compass and calls out the actions of people like Alex Grey and Vyktor Kratek.

Gallery Edit


  • He is voiced by Trevor White.
  • His real name is unknown.
  • Blackjack's accent suggests he is of Russian descent.
  • He has enough technical skills to erase the identity a person from UCA and ISA databanks.
  • He, along only with Justus Harkin and Anders Benoit, is one of the few characters in Mercenary to appear in the live action trailer.