Black Hand
The black hand by ropa to-d6kz3ty
Killzone: Shadow Fall
Established 2381
Leader Vladko Tyran
Planet Vekta
Status Active
Purpose Terrorism
The Black Hand is a Helghast terrorist organization active within Vekta City as of 2381. They were led by Vladko Tyran.


The Black Hand are a Helghast sub-faction consisting of radicals, fanatics, and former military troops who greatly despise the Vektans for destroying Helghan and causing untold amounts of death and destruction. They are also at odds with the New Helghan Government due to them seeking peace with their former foes rather than taking revenge on the Vektans. 

As a terrorist organization, they possess older, lower-tech equipment. An example being that during one of their attacks, some of their members were shown equipped with infiltration projectors, which allowed them to disguise themselves as a VSA Security Trooper (However these projectors were older models, thus for them to properly work, it was required to have several of these projectors strapped across their body in order for them to achieve efficiency).

Also, most of their weapons are old surplus from the Second Extrasolar War. The organization has a large amount of influence in the Slums of New Helghan, as stated when two security officers discuss the group in audio logs. The Black Hand bombed the VSA headquarters and other locations in Vekta City (such as the docks), and even captured the Railways in a bid to bomb the central hub.

Doctrine and PersonnelEdit

Name Affiliation Origin Era Notes
Black Hand Operative Black Hand Vekta Vektan Cold War The Operative is the most numerous among the Black Hand. They are typically armed with the StA409 Keyzer and commit terrorist bombings, take hostages, and random attacks against civilians.
Black Hand Heavy Black Hand Vekta Vektan Cold War The Heavy is seen less often than the operative, they are deployed alongside the operative and more armored, hence the name.



  • An organization named the Black Hand has existed in real life, as a secret society in Serbia. They were the primary cause for World War One, after they assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand.
  • The Black Hand are the insurgent class for the Helghast in Killzone: Shadowfall's multiplayer.