Killzone, Killzone 2
Age -
Race Vektan
Planet Vekta
Status Alive
Title Corporal
Affiliation ISA mini
Bilinghurst is an ISA soldier who appears in both Killzone and Killzone 2.


He first appears on the level Vekta Evacuates guiding Cpt. Templar through the burning offices briefly. Afterwards, he stayed behind to "secure" the area. He later appears in the ending cutscene of MIsty Waters panically accusing Templar's team of being traitors to General Adams. However in this cutscene he sounds different it could be because he is panicking, or it could possibly be different soldier.

Killzone 2Edit

Billinghurst was eventually promoted to Corporal and, in Killzone 2, he appears on the New Sun while it is being attacked by Helghast Leech Pods. The player (as Sev) becomes trapped with Corporal Billinghurst in a security airlock, which leads to the cruiser's AA-guns. Because the security camera system on the New Sun is down, the frightened crew refuses to let anyone pass through the airlock without matching their identity against the Cruiser's personnel database. After Corporal Billinghurst provides his name, rank and serial number, the crew promptly opens the doors so that Sev can proceed to the AA-guns. Its unknown if he made it off the cruiser.


  • Billinghurst is named after long-time Guerrilla Staffer and Designer Stuart Billinghurst.