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Base Commander Killzone HD

Helghast Base Commander

Helghast Base Commander

Base Commanders are among the most senior officers of the Helghast forces. Base Commanders, as the name implies, command bases and are rarely seen in personal combat, or at least without several dozen bodyguards and as many troops as they can muster from their bases in front, behind, to the side, and possibly covering them from above. The base commanders, like most of the officers in the Helghast military, are recruited from the higher echelons of Helghast society, and thus are evolved to the point  that they don't require rebreathers and goggles used by the majority of Helghast soldiers. Most commanders are armed only with a sidearm. These officers talents lie with command and thus see the troops who must perform the, menial, task of fighting, that they command as little more than cannon fodder.


  • They appear to have the same, or at least very similar, head model as Hakha's in Killzone 1.
  • Their first appearance in the game is at the beginning of mission 8 "Foraging a Path" where you have to use the Laser Designator to blow up the watch towers and the base commanders in that mission will carry the BP-02 Pup Grenade Launcher but as you encounter them more in the later missions (Mission 9 Hidden Pasts-Mission 11 Hope) they will instead be equipped with either a StA-52 Assault Rifle or a IvP-18 Tropov Machine Pistol.

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