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ISA Badges

In Killzone 2 you unlock badges during your ascent through the ranks. These badges basically are classes and abilities. You can choose a primary, and secondary badge when you customize your character. Primary badges determine what weapons you can choose and what your primary ability is.



HGH Badges

  • Weapons:
  1. M82 Assault Rifle hh
  2. StA-52 Assault Rifle
  3. LS13 Shotgun
  4. StA-11 Submachine Gun
  5. VC9 Rocket Launcher
  6. M224-A1 LMG
  7. StA-3 Light Machine Gun


  • Primary badge: Reviving Device, gives you the ability to heal mortally wounded friendlies.
  • Secondary badge: Healthpacks, can be used to completely refill yours or a teammate's health.
  • Weapons:
  1. M82 Assault Rifle
  2. StA-52 Assault Rifle


  • Primary badge: Sentry Bot placement, allows you to place sentry bots on the ground.
  • Secondary badge: Repairing Device, makes you able to repair broken ammoboxes and emplaced machine guns.
  • Weapons:
  1. LS13 Shotgun


  • Primary badge: :Spawning Grenade, you can throw a grenade that emits smoke, your team can spawn on this.
  • Secondary badge: Drone beacon, throw this and a drone will come.
  • Weapons:
  1. M82 Assault Rifle
  2. StA-52 Assault Rifle


  • Primary badge: Double health
  • Secondary badge: Boost pills, these give you a large speed boost and a small health boost. They wear out after 10 to 15 seconds.
  • Weapons:
  1. M327 Grenade Launcher
  2. VC9 Rocket Launcher
  3. M80 Rocket Launcher


  • Primary badge: Disguise, changes your clothing to those of the enemy.
  • Secondary badge: C4 Proximity Mines, allows you to place sticky explosives that trigger when an enemy comes near them.
  • Weapons:
  1. StA-11 Submachine Gun
  2. StA-14 Rifle


  • Primary badge: Cloaking Device, allows you to cloak yourself. Invisible when not moving, but shows a dark/light tint when moving faster. Also shows dark pieces of armor when moving.h
  • Secondary badge: Spot and Mark, press right while standing still to mark all enemies that are visible.
  • Weapons:
  1. VC32 Sniper Rifle

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