BLR-06HadraMRL clean

The BLR-06 Hadra MRL is the heaviest portable weapon in the Helghast army. This beastly rocket launcher has three 66 mm rocket tubes. The rockets can be fired individually or can be fired all at once. When all three are fired at once, they arc and spread out, causing a large explosion that will kill or injure anyone who isn't in cover around it. This is the deadliest anti-vehicle weapon in Killzone 1.

It resembles the American M202 'FLASH' rocket launcher.

A variation of this rocket launcher, the BLR08 Hadra, is also featured in Killzone: Shadow Fall, most likely used by the Black Hand. Compared to the BLR-06, it has the limitations of being not fireable scoped, and only firing one rocket at a time.

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