The BDL-23 Dohvat Laser Designator is a regular laser designator, the Dohvat will paint an area with a laser. The painted area comes under heavy fire within seconds. The battery has enough power for 16 designations before reloading.

The designator is used only once in Killzone in the first part of Level 8. The player comes across tanks and watch towers which can be destroyed with ease thanks to the designator. Although ammo is limited and so the player must be wise when using it so as to not run out of ammo before the end of the area.

In level 7, Hunting the Traitor, the designator is used by the Bounty Hunter who attempts to blow up the player as he/she ascends the hill where the Beacon is located in a presumed attempt to get General Adams. This however turns out to be a trap set up by Adams to kill Templar and his team.


  • In level 8 in Killzone 1, (Forging a Path) your character uses a Laser Designator to call in artillery strikes against the Helghast. Particularly since it's daytime, the orange scope makes seeing the enemy all the more difficult, and you can't see as far. To get rid of it (And make it easier to see) equip the weapon in the weapon cycle that's before the Laser Designator (So that when you press O it will switch the Laser Designator). Press O to switch to the Laser Designator and immediently sprint forward (L3 is to sprint). If done correctly, the orange tinted overlay should be gone (Also works on PS3).