Avenger Convoy was a convoy of APC's and ISA Marines led by Cpt. Narville sent to take and hold Visari square in Pyrrhus City. Opening the way for the rest of the ISA units to take Visari's Palace and capture Visari himself. Avenger Convoy is the spearhead unit of the ISA's second wave.

Being at the tip of spear of the invasion of Helghan the Convoy is at all the key parts of the Killzone 2 campaign Including:

  • Visari Square
  • Salamun bridge
  • Salamun District
  • Radec Academy
  • Attack on Visari's Palace

Avenger Convoy is one of two convoys seen in Killzone 2 the other being Punisher Convoy seen in the Corinth River (Mission 1). Alpha Squad is always at the forefront of the convoy after being assigned to it and is responsible for it's breakthroughs in the invasion of Helgan. It's commander, Capt. Narville, is seen to be something of a legend among the troops, and he in turn commands great respect from his men. Avenger Convoy appeared to be destroyed by the Red Dust detonation, but it's remnants took part in the last ditch offensive to take Visari's palace. Afterwards, it was seen supporting ISA troops during the evacuation.