The Assault Class is basically the demolitions specialist in multiplayer. It is unlocked at the rank of Lieutenant colonel. It gives the user heavy body armor that doubles the user's health, but lowers its moving speed. It is able to use the VC9 Rocket Launcher, M80 Rocket Launcher (which is exclusive to multiplayer), and M327 Grenade Launcher. The secondary badge is useful for quick getaways, but also for making a run for a target (Search and Destroy, Search and Retrieve).


  • Primary badge: +50% health (bringing it up to 150), slow moving speed
  • Secondary badge: Boost pills; 20% extra health, quick health recovery, high moving speed


  • The secondary badge is given as a default. You do not have to work to get it.
  • The ISA assault wears the same uniform as both Sev and Garza.
  • The Helghast assault plays a role as a grenadier in the campaign.
  • The model used for the Helghast Assault badge is the grenadier's body with the head of a standard Helghast trooper