Assassination is a game mode in Killzone 2 Warzone and Skirmish and Killzone 3 Warzone. A player is selected from one of the teams to be the assassination target. The opposing team must kill the target whilst other team tries to protect the target. The target must stay in the designated area or time will run out resulting in losing the round. If the target is mortally wounded the round could still be won if the target isn't killed. There is only one way for a team to win, kill the target/keep the target alive.

In the storylines the Special Forces Shadow Marshal Regiment specialise in this.

This game mode also appears in Killzone 3 multiplayer and singleplayer (Botzone) in Warzone; however, there is one difference: leaving the area as the target no longer results in losing the round, but it keeps the team from progressing. The "assassination-meter" will only fill once the target reenters the designated area.


  • If you are the target, you should find a place where there is few doorways so you decrease the likelihood that you will get overwhemed or stay near your spawn point so your teammates can come to your aid quickly.
  • You can also hide on top of a building to get the advantage of elevation.
  • Put a turret near the target to increase likelihood of survival.
  • A medic can heal you if you are not completely dead.
  • If you a going to kill the target, a grenade can reach places you can't go to like through a hole in the ceiling.
  • Infiltrator can be very useful to sneak around the target in disguise and then use a brutal melee attack on the target.