Killzone: Shadow FallEdit

KZSF Helghast Armadillo trooper

A Helghast Armadillo Trooper

The Armadillo Trooper is a special version of the Assault Trooper. They serve as security at Stahl Arms on Helghan during the Vektan Cold War, rather than Security and Riot Troopers. They use powerful personal shields that greatly helps protect them. The OWL's stun mode and charged up shots from the LSR44 Spoor are used to disable them. They can be killed instantly by running up to them, and using Brutal Melee, but it must be done quick.


  • Armadillo Troopers helmets bear a striking resemblence to Helghast Sniper's helmets.
  • They wield the StA59B Pulver rifles.
  • They are the assault class, for the Helghast side, of Killzone: Shadow Fall Multiplayer.
  • The Armadillo Trooper's armor ressembles that of the Helghast Capture Trooper's armor.