The average Heavy Trooper on the left, and the Arc Heavy Trooper on the right.

Arc troopers are big, heavy armored helghast soldiers equipped with a VC5 Arc Rifle.


The first and only one is encountered in Killzone 2, in Tharsis Refinery. Just like the Heavies, they have tanks on their backs. To kill the Arc trooper in Tharsis Refinery, you must shoot these tanks after shooting a container passing above his head. The falling container will explode in a wave of electricity, making the Arc Trooper turn around, giving you the ability to shoot the tanks on his back. The same effect is seen with the Heavy after shooting his head or throwing a grenade.


  • The Arc trooper only appears once in Killzone 2
  • If you kill the Arc trooper in less than 1 minute 30 seconds you win the trophy "Element Slayer"