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A Mobile Arc Tower being destroyed by Sev


the arc Towers.

Arc Towers and Arc Batteries are the Helghast's secret defenses of Pyrrhus. They are powered by the unique and powerful element only found on Helghan, petrusite. They create large arcs of electricity, and anything that comes in contact with the arc is destroyed. Mobile Arc Towers are introduced during the Blood Meridian section of Killzone 2. Sev and Garza are ordered to destroy that Arc Tower by Captain Narville, as it is stopping reinforcements from landing in the area. In the final mission, Visari Palace, Alpha Squad is ordered to blow up four towers that control the power supply for an Arc Battery. This is a 300 meter high structure that is able to destroy an ISA Cruiser in one blast.

Usage of Arc TowersEdit

Ark Battery

The Visari Palace Arc Battery destroys an ISA Cruiser

The Helghast were inspired to design Arc Towers by the hostile environment of their planet, although they draw the electricity for their operation from the Petrusite grid beneath Pyrrhus. The main use of the Towers has been to shoot down ISA aircraft (such as Intruders).

Once the electrical current has been charged inside the Arc Tower, it opens up its 'skin' to reveal the electrical rods that conduct the lightning. When firing, it releases a blast of dangerous electrical currents (called arcs) that can be devastating to ISA forces. The electricity is generated through an element called petrusite which is only found on the planet helghan.

In Killzone 2 an ISA Cruiser crashes into the petrusite grid destroying the arc towers in Pyrrhus thus allowing captain Narville to advance his convoy to Visari's Palace.

In Killzone: Mercenary, the Helghast had several Arc Batteries built on islands off the coast of Pyrrhus, guarded by a fleet of cruisers. These halted the entire invasion force from landing until they were eventually disabled or destroyed, largely due to the efforts of Phantom Talon Corp mercenaries.

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