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ARC Cruiser

Referred to by surprised ISA forces as advanced battlecruisers or battleships, the Arc Cruiser was an advanced offshoot of the standard Cruiser production line. An extension of the Helghast military's program to weaponize Petrusite, the new warship lead the counter attack in the wake of the nuclear detonation of Pyrrhus. After the destruction of Helghan this design was apparently scrapped and none were part of the fleet that took in the evacuation of Helghan nor were any seen during the days of the Cold War on Vekta.

However it would turn out that those that remained on Helghan, who under the leadership of Jorhan Stahl had spent the majority of their time building a grand invasion force to take Vekta for good, had continued production of the class. It is unknown if the specifications were exactly the same as the model seen previously. An extremely large number were seen docked in the huge facilities beneath the surface of the decimated Helghan.

Killzone 3 AnalysisEdit

Additions to the new warship included a long range warp jump generator as shown in many illustrations, as well as four underbelly mounted petrusite beam cannons for long range ship combat (a deficiency of the original cruisers) and air-to-ground bombardment.

Compared to the main Cruiser, the Arc Cruiser only fields 8 Leech Pods. This could be due to a tactics shift from brutal frontal assault to long range Petrusite bombardment, as the previous space has now been taken up by what appears to be cooling fins for the four arc cannons.

The newer cruisers are shown to be far more capable at taking on the ISA cruisers and destroying them. Another noticeable change was the loss of 2 of the engines from the side now only being 4 (in the normal cruiser there were 6) as well as the addition of a rudder-like projection to the rear of the ship.

The cruiser was capable of firing missiles at ships seen in the mission: Interception, as the fleet launches missiles at Stahl's cruiser in retaliation for his betrayal.

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