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Anton Saric
Killzone Shadow Fall
Age -
Race Helghast
Planet Vekta
Status Alive
Title High Commander
Affiliation HGH mini
Anton Saric is the tertiary antagonist of Killzone: Shadow Fall. Saric is the ruthless and sadistic High Commander of Helghast Security and tasked by his superiors to defend New Helghan against threats both within and without. 

Early LifeEdit

Little is known of Saric's life, but as a child he witnessed and survived Helghan's destruction. As he grew, so too did his contempt and hatred for the Vektans, whom he sees as responsible for the deaths of over a billion Helghast. As such, he uses his position to cause suffering and torment to any he sees as enemies.

Killzone: Shadow FallEdit

When Lucas Kellan was captured during a rescue mission in New Helghan, Saric personally interrogated and tortured Kellan. However, under orders of Hera Visari, he escorted Kellan to the wall where he was to exchange the Shadow Marshal for the Helghast operative known as Echo. Whilst on their way, he expressed disgust to Kellan of how the Helghast were forced to live alongside the very people that they had warred with for several years and who he saw as responsible for the destruction of their homeworld.  

He also promised Kellan that one day, his people would march across the wall and take Vekta. During the exchange, a fire fight broke loose. However, both prisoners successfully returned to their respective factions.  

He once again brutally interrogated Kellan once the Shadow Marshal was recaptured during his mission to assassinate the Black Hand leader, Vladko Tyran. Saric was then ordered personally by Hera Visari to continue his interrogation. Hera Visari also demanded that Kellan be kept alive. Saric then proceeded by electrocute Kellan until he lost consciousness.


Saric, like most high-ranking Helghast, is a ruthless man. He uses his position as head of New Helghan's security forces to inflict violence and suffering on Vektans whenever possible.


  • His character design is remarkably similar to Bane from The Dark Knight Rises, but with the classic Helghast goggles.
  • He is the announcer for the Helghast in Warzone.
  • Saric's first name, Anton, might have been inspired by fictional character Anton Chigurh from No Country For Old Men. Their personalities are also similar, as they are both extremely ruthless, they lack compassion and remorse, and appear to have twisted morals.
  • Saric is voiced by Andreas Beckett.[1]
  • In a close up of his face when he interrogates Kellan, you can see he has grey eyebrows, which may imply he is rather old. On the other hand, official sources give that he witnessed the Terracide event as a child[2]; the Terracide occurred right as Vladko Tyran was born, and Tyran's age is officially given as 33. This would place Saric's age not too much older than Tyran.
  • In Killzone: Shadow Fall multiplayer, there is a player icon of him, entitling him "the Torturer".

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