"My strategy for this war? get rich and get out."
—Anders Benoit[src]
Anders Benoit
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Killzone: Mercenary
Age 44
Race Human
Planet Earth
Status Deceased
Title Commander
Affiliation Phantom Talon Corp
Anders Benoit was a well-informed, well-connected and totally money-oriented mercenary. He was also the commander and co-founder of the Phantom Talon Corp private military company. 

Background Edit

Born on Earth on March 5th, 2315, Benoit enlisted in the United Colonial Nations's Army's Special Forces. Years later, Benoit eventually left it to become a successful mercenary, alongside his business partner and fellow soldier, Oliver Adamska. In 2344, they founded the P.T.C. on Earth. Using close ties to the UCA, Benoit and Adamska recruited elite ex-soldiers, and secured lucratve contracts from the authorities on Earth.

The P.T.C. became involved in a number of minor corporate and colonial disputes, in which they sold themselves to the highest bidder. This led to tensions between the materialistic Benoit and the patriotic Adamska. This inner conflict came to an end when Adamska went KIA in 2348 under unclear circumstances.

Upon Adamska's death, Benoit quickly expanded and restructured the corporation. Establishing two new affiliates on different colonies, known as Skull Knight Enterprises and Eclipse Forces.

Killzone: Mercenary Edit

In 2357, the Helghast had started their conquest on Diortem. Following the invasion, the ISA requested two mercenaries named Arran Danner and Damian Ivanov for an extraction mission. Throughout the mission, Benoit guided Danner and Ivanov step-by-step as they saved Alex Grey, the head of weapons tech reseach in Diortem, from the Helghast Colonel Vyktor Kratek.

Soon after, the ISA requested Benoit's aid in retrieving transmission codes from a crashed Helghast ship. Once again, Danner and Ivanov carried out the mission with Benoit instructing them along the way. Unfortunately, an unexpected complication ultimately resulted in the death of Ivanov. Nevertheless, Danner still managed to carry out the mission, further gaining the respect of the ISA.


Benoit, watching the destruction of the arc cannons.

Two years later, Benoit once again enlisted Danner, as well as another mercenary named Carrell, for a demolitons mission on Helghan, at the request of Alex Grey. The mission revolved around the destruction of the Helghast arc cannons, which were preventing ISA reinforcements from entering Helghan. While the mission was a success, Anders did ultimately lose Carrell, who was one of his most experienced mercs. 

Shortly after, Grey once again requested Benoit for an extraction operation on Helghan. This time, Danner was sent to a Helghast embassy, in an effort to save ISA ambassador Sev Harkin, along with the rest of his family. Unfortunately, Danner didn't arrive in time, resulting in the death of the ambassador and his wife. Despite this sidestep, Danner still managed to get the ambassador's son Justus Harkin out alive, escaping via an embassy boat. 

After being seperated from Danner in the confusion, Benoit made his way to a small fishing village, where Danner and Justice arrived to. Here, Danner is tasked to track down a Helghast traitor named Mandor Savic. After discovering the intentions behind the virus he created, Savic defected to the ISA. This may have been the reason for the assault on the embassy, as well as the death of Sepp and Valeria Harkin. Justice and Savic escape the village with Grey, while Danner stays to ensure their escape. Benoit eventually extracts Danner from the scene, with his Intruder.

Soon after, Benoit and Grey met to discuss wether or not Danner can be relied on. A paranoid Grey believes Danner tried to sell Savic to the Helghast back in the village. A plan is made to kill Danner, but only after one last mission.

Benoit once again enlists Danner for a demoitions mission on a Helghast refinery. Danner takes out the coolant tanks, and makes his way to the reactor. Benoit gives him a lift, and Danner finally destroys it. With only a minute until the refinery blows, Danner is left for dead by Benoit. Thankfully, a dropship sent by Kratek is right outside. Danner makes a deal to help Kratek, in exchange for his life. A Hig troop knocks Danner unconscience, and they make their way back to the embassy, where Savic is being held.

Before Danner arrived, Benoit had already interrogated Savic, learning the location of the Helghast research faciility. Danner eventually meets up with Savic, who gives Danner the code to retrieve the virus. Danner has the code, and Benoit has the boy. Without both, its stalemate. Benoit then travels to the facility, for one last contract.

At the facility, Benoit makes a secret deal with Kratek following grey death, agreeing to trade the boy and the virus for the right amount of cash. At the top of the facility, Benoit and Kratek ambush Danner, who is currently in possesion of Justus and the virus. Benoit than shoots and kills Kratek As he reveals his final plan to sell the virus and boy to the highest bidder after killing him and retire a rich man. Danner, a much more agile merc than Benoit, is pitted up against waves of P.T.C. mercs. After killing the mercs, Danner defeats and interrogates Benoit, before stabbing him in the head finally killing him. Benoits body is presumably lost in the debris of the facility. 

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  • He is voiced by Corey Johnson, who previously did voice work for ISA soldiers in Killzone 2.
  • Players can get a trophy should they successfully punch Benoit in the back. It's known as "Up Close & Personal".
  • Benoit is one of the few characters in Mercenary to appear in the live action trailer, the only others being Blackjack and Justus Harkin.
  • In one version of Benoit's death, he offers Danner the Phantom Talon Corp, in exchange for his life.
  • If interrogated, it is revealed that he owned multiple businesses including Skull Knight Enterprises, all of which were taking advantage of the war.
  • If the player successfully melees Benoit in the back two times, he will be incapacitated and can be interrogated.

Noteable Quotes Edit

  • "This war is gonna end soon, and end badly. Just gotta work the angles, make it PAY."
  • "Did you grow a conscience, or did someone cut you a deal?"
  • "As usual, we get to clean up the ISA's mess. Still, as long as the paychecks there."
  • "Shit. Hig sons of bitches actually did it, nuked their own city rather than surrender. There's only one thing worth fighting for in this life!"
  • "I figured you'd want to do this the hard way, so I brought along a few of the guys!"