Amphibious Assault Personnel Carriers are armored vehicles designed to safely carry troops into the heart of combat, then support them as they disembark do battle thereafter. They saw extensive use during the Second Extrasolar War by both the ISA and Helghast.




The ISA AAPC is the preferred amphibious assault transport for ISA infantry. Good at absorbing punishment and just as good as dishing it out, the AAPC is fairly slow, but heavily armored all-around. Moreover, it is utterly reliable. It fields a very low profile, holds six men and is equipped with a top mounted LMG that provides adequate suppressive fire while troops deploy through the rear exit hatch.

Speed 3/5
Range 520km
Weaponry Top mounted light machinegun & Smoke grenade launcher
Armor 4/5
Weight 20 tons

Helghast AAPCEdit

Helghast AAPC

Helghast Sawblade AAPC

Nicknamed 'The Bull', the Helghast AAPC is well respected because of the heavy firepower it fields in its linked turret and passenger LARs, as well as the front mounted mining blades capable of tearing through and crushing enemy armor. Its front armor is quite heavy and perfect for ramming through obstructions or minesweeping. With its top mounted light machine gun, it is the ideal vessel for ensuring the safe arrival of the six Helghast warriors within.


Helghast AAPC Specs

Speed 3/5
Range 480km
Weaponry 1 mounted manned machinegun and mining blades in front of vessel
Armor 4/5
Weight 23 tons

Trivia Edit

  • ISA AAPC Is based off the AAVP7used by the United States Marine Corps.
  • The Helghast AAPC is a repurposed mining rig, along with most other Helghast ground vehicles present in KZ2. RAM/RS

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