Advanced Shock Trooper

Advanced Shock Trooper

The Advanced Shock Trooper, also known as the "Autarch's Guard," are elite shock troops of the Autarchy and any of the high-ranking officials which serve him. They are distinguished by their long-coats, emblematic of the vow they took to the Autarch, and wear a similar helmet to the regular Shock Troopers. To prevent them from being overrun during riots, these troopers are trained to work in pairs.

Although they appear very similar to regular Shock Troopers, they can be distinguished by the black kevlar vest they wear over their longcoats, as well as their slightly different cap.


Deal with the Advanced Shock Trooper as you would the normal Shock Trooper. Try to keep your distance and pick them off as they rush you. The Advanced Shock Trooper is a bit faster and more accurate with his gunfire, so be mindful of this if you try a rush attack. Once they get close, they will often throw Teslite Grenades to flush you out from your cover. When you see one preparing a grenade, immediately move to a new location. If the Trooper is alone and throws a grenade, then rush him as he is prepping it, and you can often reach and dispatch him before he can regain his weapon and fire on you.


Health: 75

Weapons: StA-11 SMG, Teslite Grenade, M32 Combat Knife

First Appearance: Tharsis Refinery: Suljeva Minetrain


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