The ACOG is an attachment featured in Killzone: Shadow Fall. This sight is unlockable for a large number of weapons, and gives a 1.6x magnification for the player when scoped in. Compared to the standard Dot Laser, it provides a more precise sight reticle, larger sight body and greater magnification for all weapons which can mount it.

The Helghast and VSA each have their own unique versions of the ACOG, with the Helghast version utilising a white dot and line reticle, with black range markings, on a red-tinted lens, and the VSA version using a cyan dot and circle reticle, with cyan range markings, on a blue-tinted lens. As such, all Helghast weapons will have the Helghast model if they are equipped with the ACOG and all VSA weapons will have the VSA model if they are equipped with the ACOG.

The Helghast version of the ACOG has the benefit of an IFF feature, which allows the user to distinguish enemies from allies at a glance. The central white dot of the Helghast ACOG's reticle turns red when the reticle passes over a hostile.

Nearly all small-arms in the game can be equipped with the ACOG Sight. The StA-14 battle rifle, released as part of the Insurgent Pack DLC has a non-interchangeable ACOG which looks different from, and offers a slight magnification increase over the normal Helghast model present in Shadow Fall.

Weapons which can use this attachmentEdit